Michael Hyneman is a BFA graduate of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, a multidisciplinary
designer with focuses on graphic design, motion design, web design, instructional design, digital photography, and art direction.

Michael currently lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida with his favorite gal helping care for her favorite mom, rescued border collie Teddy Grrl, four rescue cats, and tons of Batman related items. Michael is currently open to freelance opportunities.

Michael's interests include Batman, Film Noir, film making, photography, design, art, music (Lou Reed, Bowie, BRMC, Zepplin, The Monkees, NIN, Soundgarden, and yes Tom Jones being his favorites), beer, and books. Michael has found his passion in Motion Design. He is currently learning on his own Cinema 4D, Premiere, and Z-Brush in order to provide employers and clients with more a versatile designs.

Email Michael. Need to talk to Michael? 610.406.2373.